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Alessandro Martire live in Madrid

Alessandro Martire live in Madrid

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Alessandro Martire live in Madrid

Alessandro Martire live in Madrid

ESPACIO RONDA. Ronda de Segovia, 50. Ver mapa

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ALESSANDRO MARTIRE in Madrid (World Tour)

Join us for an unforgettable evening of enchantment as Alessandro Martire's evocative compositions and masterful piano skills transport you to a world of beauty and emotion. Don't miss this rare opportunity to witness the magic of his music in person, and experience the fusion of classical and contemporary sounds, as Alessandro's melodies fill the hall and resonate in your heart.”


“Immerse yourself in the extraordinary young talent of Alessandro Martire, the internationally acclaimed Italian pianist and composer. Born in Como, Italy, Alessandro's musical journey began at the age of 11, and his passion for the piano blossomed into a unique fusion of contemporary classical music enriched with elements of pop, minimalism, and crossover genres.

By the age of 15, he had already written his first piano compositions and his remarkable compositions and captivating performances have enchanted audiences around the world. Under the guidance of Maestro Giusto Franco, he refined his skills, and in 2012, Alessandro pursued a specialization in new age composition at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Alessandro's musical endeavors have taken him on a whirlwind of global tours, including the Melodia di Vita World Tour in 2013, the Da Sempre in Tour in 2015, and the Flames of Joy Tour in 2016. With each performance, he has graced renowned theaters and concert halls in Europe, Russia, Asia, and America. 

While his concert career soared, in 2016 he also obtained a degree in International Relations from the University of Milan, showcasing his commitment to a broader understanding of the world.

Alessandro's talent and artistic vision attracted significant recognition from the music industry: in 2018, he signed a significant publishing agreement with the renowned Ultra International Publishing in New York. 

In 2019, his unique creative vision has led to the development of groundbreaking concert formats: he introduced the Floating Waves Concert, an enchanting experience held on a floating platform amidst the breathtaking waters of Lake Como. This one-of-a-kind spectacle showcases Alessandro's mastery of Waves, the first world’s curved piano which he invented with the collaboration of local Italian artists, and his ability to create unforgettable musical moments in extraordinary settings. In the same year, he founded the Lake Endless Joy Festival, to revitalize the Como area through international cultural initiatives. 

Subsequently, he signed with the historical independent record label Carosello Records and embarked on a new recording path that led to the release of his album Share The World (April 10th, 2020). The album's title track video was launched in partnership with National Geographic Italia, showcasing Alessandro's music to a wider audience. The video for "Breath", another song from the album, is previewed on the global Steinway & Sons Instagram account.

In 2021, building on his success, Alessandro launched the Ice Waves Experience, a captivating performance set against the backdrop of snowy mountain landscapes, including glaciers, frozen lakes, and rivers, pushing boundaries even further. These awe-inspiring performances, accompanied by his original compositions, have garnered global acclaim and captivated audiences worldwide. 

Alessandro’s remarkable achievements continue to grow: he was invited to perform in the Teatro Antico of Taormina where he received the Nations Artistic Award. In the same year, the Floating Waves Concert, which became the cornerstone of the Lake Endless Joy Festival, of which Alessandro is the art director, was broadcast in a world exclusive TikTok live-stream, resulting in the third most followed live broadcast on the platform of that year by the Italian public, after Måneskin and renowned flutist Andrea Griminelli.

Alessandro was chosen to unveil the emblem for the 2026 Milano Cortina Winter Olympic Games, where he performed his composition “Aria”, highlighting his ability to create evocative soundscapes. 

He also composed the soundtrack for the award-winning short film Ottocentonovantasei Nuvole, which received multiple accolades at esteemed film festivals. Four different tracks of his album “Share The World” have been remixed by international DJs John Talabot, Havoc & Lawn, Mathame, and BLR, and collected in the EP The World Remix Pack. Among these, the remix "Breath - Mathame Rmx" was also broadcast on BBC Radio 1 by Pete Tong.

On November 25, 2022, Alessandro Martire unveiled his highly anticipated album Wind of Gea, a testament to his artistic growth and creative vision. Some tracks from the album debuted during the renowned 4th Lake Endless Joy Festival. Meanwhile, he continues to mesmerize audiences by performing amid stunning natural vistas and unusual physical locations, including the rooftop of the Duomo of Milan Cathedral at sunset, under the lighthouses of the island of Formentera, on top of a snowy mountain in Champoluc, and on the canals of Venice for a series of his Floating Waves Concert. 

Beyond his exceptional musical talent, Alessandro is a dedicated philanthropist. In 2015, he founded Infinity Sound, a non-profit association committed to creating inclusive events and projects for young people with disabilities. Through initiatives like Infinity Ensemble, Infinity Village, Infinity Sound Earth, and Infinity Sound Theatre, Alessandro spreads joy and inspiration to diverse communities. “

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Opinión verificadaAsistió el 28/05/2024
Buen profesional, comprometido, cercano con el público, buena ejecución y con sentimiento. Se preocupo por explicar sus piezas musicales. La sonoridad de la sala buena y además pequeña lo cual ofre Leer más e cercanía.
Opinión verificadaAsistió el 28/05/2024
Experiencia unica
Se ha creado un ambiente de emociones que nos trasladan a los paisajes donde el musico crea su obra. Inspirador. Ambiente acogedor y cálido.